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Apple WWDC15 conference

Apple WWDC15 conference

by Design SyncJune 10, 2015

With Apple WWDC15 over what can we see from Apple’s future?  As a brand they are mega and have changed a lot over the years developing their business models geared towards the consumer market. I guess that’s where the money is these days and what drives their revenue soaring sky-high. What use to be catered for the design professional with high end performance machines dragging along the faithful loyal fans now is further expanding to just about everyone in the developed world. I still do think they have excellent products and have changed the social behaviour of society in some ways. From the start of Macintosh computers, iPods, iPhone, iPad and now iWatch, it is remarkable.

After having watched the keynote, looking forward there is surly improvements to their OS development across the different product line. Building on the inter-connectivity of the devices talking together wirelessly is something Apple is addressing. Going future with the user experience was address in the conference. While its seem quite a lot for the learning curve I guess it’s wouldn’t be too difficult for the younger generation to consume all the details. For me I like it simple, a phone is a phone and if it works well without all the extra bits and pieces I’m good with that I’ll enjoy it more. Gimmicky as it is there is surely improvements however it comes down to whether you are willing to pay extra for the brand, quality, experience and product.

In terms of useability to the MacOS, the updated interface is noticeable copied and improved on their competitor counterpart such as Microsoft Windows, I’m referring to the split screen. I don’t think there was a loud applauds for that but it looks to be a handy feature. Especially and I can sense it working well on the MacBook. Sometime with the fast pace and multitasking requirements we do to get our job done clutters our screens. Running on two screen on my work station is no longer enough. Being organise is what makes us efficient and this new feature will be a good help. There is some mention about speed performance upgrades, which I do notice the current OS does lag a bit and even the last time I updated my iPhone OS took forever. The look and feel of the interface is similar and as usual it still has that beauty and best of all the upgrades are free.

The annocement of the new app called News from Apple did lit my eyes, though not sure how this would change the information content world at this stage. It takes information from popular websites of news, blogs and transfers those information into a unique way of viewing for the user. It allows for custom layout with rich typography, interactivity and video. The app, launching first in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. It could also be a plan making it a content search engine to tackle Google dominance.

There is some talk about Apple Pay, looks to be slowly kicking off. Still yet to have a confirmation release for the Australian market. It will be a big game changer with the NFC implementation though this huge task is taking pace really slowly. I saw a similar technology being use in Japan, Tokyo 4 years ago, go into a McDonald’s restaurant and tap and go with your mobile devices, even the train station had it on the enter and exit gates to the subway. So if the Japanese can do it, I’m sure the giant corporate of Apple can.

The final highlight of the show came down to the introduction of Apple Music, a platform where you can stream the entire Apple Music library, tune in to live music 24 hours, 7 days a week coming from across the world, led by Zane Lowe. It was surly reasons why they purchase Beats for only $3 billion that may raise the Apples stock even further.


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