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Digital banners ads problems and tips on how to resolve those issues?

Digital banners ads problems and tips on how to resolve those issues?

by Design SyncNovember 25, 2017

How to fix digital banner ads issues?

When designing banner ads there are so many issues that could go wrong. From the production to getting it approved through to QA. If you are in that boat, here is a few tricks you could do to get your banner ads trafficked.

Tip one:
Planning ahead is key to getting your banner ads done quick and easy. This means analysing the digital specs you are given before you start designing. Having such restriction isn’t always good but it does not limit your creativity to to find solutions as a digital designer and work arounds. Best practise is to check the sizes format, size limit, animation duration and the number of files allowed. For standard banner as we speak such as MREC (300×250), Leaderboard (728×90), Skyscraper (120×600) and Half Page (300×600) ads going through Double Click Studio means there can be no more than 10 files including the index.html files. If you need to jam more images, consider laying your images on a sprite sheet rather than as individual images.

Tip two:
What do you do when the banner ad is overweight in file size? You then have a choice to remove the least essential files or reduce the file size of any particular image. There are few great software compression that could reduce your graphic files further. For PNG file compression I use Pngyu ( is a standalone app for the Mac and Windows. If that doesn’t get you over the line try scaling down the size of your image and let the html code up-size your image.

Tip three:
I tend to use Google Web Design for all my banner ad productions because it generally gives me less problems, knowing most ads are set by Google themselves. Make sure you pass there check list. Oh and don’t forget to check the board check box.


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