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Mindcraft Microsoft HoloLens at the E3 show

Mindcraft Microsoft HoloLens at the E3 show

by Design SyncJune 18, 2015

Get wow with Microsoft HoloLens

There has been so many conference lately getting in line just before the American summer break. After having watch the XBox One E3 show I couldn’t let go of sharing this new toy coming from Microsoft. While I’m not a game fanatic but I do love watching the graphics and story telling but something bigger than that blow me away on the show. Lucky I stayed tune to the video stream on the lengthy video stream and my gosh I was amazed at Microsoft HoloLen technology. Using Minecraft to demonstrate this insanely crazy virtual look inside a game world. Don’t believe me watch the video below and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

A cliche in the saying, it just seem like something from a Sci-fi movie has come to life. Using a table and VR headset, argument display comes alive. I foresee the digital age is about to be revolutionise. UI will no long just be you and just the screen in front of you, it’ll be immerse for the human interaction and what we call AR  (Augmented Reality).

This definitely beats any of the AR devices I’ve seen in development to date. Goolge Glass doesn’t even have a chance and while I have work on some AR interface concepts visuals for Meta SpaceGlass which wow me at first sight has a very strong challenger. Watch the demonstration below and it could possibly blow you away.


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