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Not giving up on the passion

Not giving up on the passion

by Design SyncMay 30, 2015

Finding hope and direction

This posting is for those who are losing hope in finding a direction. It’s tough out there and I speak that for myself too. It can be depressing and sometime you just question whether this industry is really right for you, but what can we do if we have our egos is so attached to what we love doing? We are in the same boat, drifting slowly but needs a bit of momentum to get it going. One thing for sure is that you can’t give up sitting around doing nothing. You have choices to get your career path going if you choose to. Since you have the time, organise yourself by continuing your job hunting and with those spare moment find an interest, learn and build up your skills. If you’re burnt out take the opportunity to rest a bit and then get back to it but whatever you do, don’t procrastinate. If you have flatten your wallet and in need of extra cash, go find a temporary part-time job in another area or spend less where possible. By starting to do something right now will create movements for your future.

You have a whole life time to work, so if your in it for something that you enjoy, make it happen. As John Lasseter, one of my favourite inspiring personality had said “If you love what your do, you never work a day in your life.” Watch this video and you’ll get the drift.

Above: John Lasseter A Day in a Life Documentary video.

Another inspiring personnel I find is the business man Elon Musk, while I have read harsh critics about working for him and I have no idea whether it’s true or not. However the fact that he has built his business by his crazy driving desire to succeed from internet directory to electric cars to sending equipment supplies into outer space is something very remarkable. Who would have thought this was possible?

Your inspiring person can be anyone. Steve Jobs, Jonathan Ive, Philip Stark, Tony Robbins, Nick Vujicic, or Lizzie Velasquez. Whoever it is, you can draw inspiration to built up your confidence and work towards your goals. I’m not say to be like these inspiring people, no… no… no, you make your own path but it’s good to occasional look at challenges and trumiph they have gone through to carry your motivations forward.

I’m at a point of no where, at the moment I’m not any better off. Over my on off freelance working days I have taught myself WordPress and built sites using my design skills in the hope that it could generate revenue. Just recently I have 4 sites up and running moneitise with web advertisement looking at alternatives to get passive income during a quiet period. More of how I got those sites up and running will be covered in future posting so stay tune. Even this site, Design Sync is built on the grounds in my spare time. If I fail to make a single cent which I hope it’s not the case but all is still not lost. At least I know I have tried and can take away some skill sets to put in my resume, beyond that I can divert my learning for future projects. If I analyses, I’ve learn more about SEO and SEM in the past month few months researching and experimenting, and I bet I know some tricks that only very few, if not any may have an idea about. Copywriting is also not my forte but I’m force to write which is providing me the opportunity to improve, gee talking about it I manage to write this much already. Adding more bonus from taking action is that I have new work to show off to my clients or potential employer. And equally as important I’m writing this to keep myself motivated. It’s learning how to use the time wisely to better myself. A few months before I wouldn’t have thought about putting a blog together but here I am sharing my views, teaching, motivating other people to follow their dreams. It’s ironic that I’m no better than you but still keeping active. I’m no where near where I want to be but I’m actively working hard.

If you still find yourself drifting away in la la land, try to motivated yourself by thinking positively and taking action. I’m probably up against competing with a lot of other designers for the same job, but I personally believe if you work hard and smart you will jump in leaps and bounds beyond what you had though was possible. Do your best, it’s your future don’t let your ambition dull you down to dig up in years time to regret what could have been. Start doing something today, in fact you should start it right now.

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