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The design foundation

The design foundation

by Design SyncApril 5, 2015

The meaning of design.

So here it is, my first post on Design Sync. Before I jump into rumbling about the goodies in design, I’ll make mention that since design is a subjective matter, what I say can be judgmental. However I’m always keen to hear from other peoples opinion. To kick start this introductory post lets begin with the basic design principle. I’ll try my best to keep this interesting so that you won’t fall asleep.

So what does the term design mean to you? The general definition from the Oxford dictionary describe it as, dih-zahyn “A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made”. To me this meaning is rather vague, I tend to think it’s much more than that. Elaborating further, design makes the world go round, well not entirely true but you could consider it in that it does play big part in our society. Design builds confidence and can make our lives for the better or for the worst. It is a process which helps solve problems, it’s a plan aim to make things interesting, an idea to entice our desire. There are many category which forms design and many of it is for commercial purpose, you can see it as an advertisement, products, fashion, living space, software to a form of entertainment, a structural process and more. It could associate with the past, present and will become part of our future surroundings. Can we live without these elements of design, well maybe… but it will be very difficult.

Most people often associate design with it’s visual aspect. Sorry to hit your head with a rubber balloon if that’s what your thinking. Frankly design is not just about good looks or stylish appearance, it is just one aspect of it. I believe it’s about the emotional state that drives our desire or feelings. It’s an element which makes us feel happy to posses it, if it works well it makes us comfortable and aid in making our living lives much easier.

With all the congested design elements out in our society, there are good design and bad design. But how do we distinguish between the good and bad designs? Generally I judge bad design with my poor habits of complaining if something don’t go my way and if that does happen it could be considered a bad design to me. On the other end, good designs falls into the category of only being good but not great. In most cases good design just goes unnoticed, because there is no reason to complain but there is also no reason to brag about how good it is. However for it to be better than simply good, this particular element would require to surpass all our expectations. It needs to draw our attention, give us surprise and naturally satisfy us on it’s own merit. If a design captures our heart and sole, it opens opportunities for us to rave and triggers our cravings of wanting to take ownership. It lifts our expectations and influence competition. It makes us feel good to be associated with it. The goodness of a design is really in the eyes of the beholder to make judgement, but I say if the majority of the people like it, then it’s generally a good design. More importantly if your happily connected to the design element then it makes everything else obsolete no matter what anyone else thinks. Don’t forget it’s not all about big names that have their shining sparkles out there. Sometimes the little secret gems have a place in our hearts that it just never makes it out to the open big world, they are also the special secluded ones to hold value and meaning of great design.

If you have reach this far I’m glad I haven’t triggered the snoozing symptom. So what are your thoughts, do you agree with my views? Let me know in the comments below.

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