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The reasons behind our design ideas

The reasons behind our design ideas

by Design SyncMay 26, 2015

Backing up your design with real meaning.

The little giant is in its deep thinking mode. When it opens its eyes up, it’ll have lots of wonderful creatives. Random ideas scribbled down onto paper but does those creative ideas have really meaning that meets the brief requirements? Sometimes there is a hunch guess base on our beliefs it’s the right way to go. However most often there are reasons behind our ideas, that makes our design work. I’m going to strip apart the Design Sync logo to tell you the reason which lead to my final logo idea. By asking myself or getting someone to ask questions about your design you can discover a lot more to your ideas, ticking someone of the boxes never intended or finding problems which you can make improvements. Perfect honesty is a must in these exercise.

Why no icon and just a basic text?
Since Design Sync is a new site, it’s important to me that I could convey the name clearly, in it’s simplest form. Adding an icon or symbol could dilute the logo and possibly lose the wording connection. I want people to be able to see the logo and if they are interested to visit the site.

Why red on white?
I see the red colour referring to new, hot and bold, because of that it was a wise choice to pick red. I also have the option to use black on white or reverse. With it also being a single colour, it makes it cheaper to do print runs if I do ever decide to go in that direction in the future.

Including the to the logo, is it necessary?
Not a requirement at all but a marketing strategy to build awareness of my site. Often people get confuse when searching for .com or so it’s wise to clarify that in this case. However in the future I may possibly remove the and have the brand as Design Sync once the name is further developed.

What if I want to grow the brand to a .com or drop the web address altogether?
Though I should have tested this to see how it looks with the .com domain name in terms of checking the balance and spacing but it is very possible that it’ll work fine. As you can see from the example, removing the domain name works pose no problems at all, in fact I much prefer it without the domain name but for branding awareness reason I’ll go with the version.

Why this typeface?
Design Sync is about connecting design with the community, hence I chose this type because it has protruding elements from the typeface which has a flow. I balance the kerning so that it can be easily read in it’s large or small form. Bare in mind I have made some minor refinements to the individual character to balance the logo.

Logo Design -Design Sync

There you go, even with a simple logo design like Design Sync there are choices and reasons behind the ideas generated. This element of questing and reason of your choice applies to any design, you could take a user interface design, a winter coat or even a cooking product utensil design. Break it down and ask yourself the reason in which made you decide on the idea you have in front of you. Every design has a purpose and requirement, so question are obviously different. Sure it is an important to make your ideas attractive but there is more to the process. Design should have reasons behind those ideas. These decision helps shape and sell your ideas to clients, build confidence and assure them that they are getting value for money on the professional work you supply.

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