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Watch Tekkonkinkreet in details

Watch Tekkonkinkreet in details

by Design SyncMay 7, 2015

It’s all in the details

It is true that I’m very much fascinated with the Japanese culture, today I was scrolling though the Crackle website to see if there was anything interesting to watch and came across Tekkonkinkeet. You most likely have never heard of it but thought it’s worth sharing for those who are into illustration and anime.

Most of the time I don’t quite understand the complexity of anime storyline and much is the same with Tekkonkinkeet, however I watch to get wowed by the visuals.

The Tekkonkinkeet anime film was created by Studio 4°C, released on 22nd December 2006. Your jaw will probably drop when you come to watching it. The character designs while not being perfect or similar to other anime characters makes it unique in my opinion. However it is the level of background details that had struck me at first sight. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to draw each cell. Surly being patient is the key task to get the details in. The combination of 3D CG (Computer Graphics) tricks does amazing wonders of art.

I know all too well how much effort it take to get an animation sequence together, having tried it couldn’t find much pleasure of drawing and redrawing sequence over and over again. Trust me it’s tedious and tiring. So I clap and applaud to all those who are still animating by hand because all of you are amazing.

If you like what you creative of Tekkonkinkreet, you might also like the artbook. Tekkonkinkreet Art Book Shinji Kimura Black Side. It’s pages filled with beautiful illustrations.

Watch the trailer or watch the movie from Crackle and become WOW. Keep an out on how the camera angles, it’s are quite impressive.


Tekkonkinkreet Movie Trailer

Watch the full length of Tekkonkinkreet movie free on Crackle.

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