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WordPress removing smiley face icon

WordPress removing smiley face icon

by Design SyncMay 22, 2015

How to remove that annoying smiley face icon at the bottom of your WordPress.

If you have set up your website using WordPress, you may notice a small smiley face icon on the bottom or top left hand side. It’s more noticeable on the mobile device and seems like some mishap left over coding had occurred. Annoying and unprofessionally just to leave that as it is, you dig into all the code trying to source the problem but do not have any sighting of it. Well guess what? your not alone. I went through that phase thinking it was to do with the WordPress theme I was using. Serious that little smiley face didn’t put a smile on me having to spent some time figuring it what it was and then realise that it was actually generated from the Jetpack plugin for tracking purpose after doing some searching about. Frustrating as it is, it’s not too difficult to remove by crawling through the suspiciously hidden setup.

Here is the solution to put a smile back on your face:
1. Go to Jetpack > Site Stats
2. Click on the Configure link next to the top title Site Stats.
3. On the Smiley check box where it says Hide the stats smiley face image.

Check your site and now it should be removed, feeling better now?

Design Sync, removing the little things you didn’t know it was possible to do in WordPress.

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